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Our paint spray booth manufacturing partners produce paint-booths made to our parent company's, Total Finishing Solutions, LLC, specifications. We offer a wide variety of paint spray booths for high solids, waterborne and electrostatic applications. Total Finishing Solutions, LLC has manufactured paint spray booths and air handling equipment for R.V. and bus manufacturers, aerospace applications, N.A.S.A., railroad, furniture manufacturers, and the United States Military. Total Finishing Solutions, LLC can meet your requirements for any application. Total Finishing Solutions, LLC equipment is designed by industry-wise craftsmen with quality, safety, and efficiency in mind. Superior airflow provides a safer work environment for the operator and the perfect painting environment. The long history of Total Finishing Solutions, LLC and our partners is a testimony to the success of a company that stresses customer satisfaction, service, and quality. 

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Note: All of our paint spray booths are California Compliant and Permit acquisition services are available.  Also, installation services are available upon request.

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