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Paint Booth Filters/Arrestors

Total Finishing Supplies is one of the largest providers of spray booth filters and paint arrestors in North America. We can assist you to find any type of paint, including: Waterborne, Solvent-based, Acid Catalysts, NESHAP for Aerospace, CARC for Military coatings, UV Coatings, Polyesters, Urethanes, Hi-Solids Paints, ceramics, and Nano-Coatings.

Paint Arrestor and Exhaust Filter Types

Fiberglass filtration: Fiberglass filtration is available in two primary types - 15 gram and 22 gram weights.  The higher the gram weight the more spun fiberglass is in the filter, which increases the efficiency rating.  Fiberglass filters are the most economical of paint booth filters allowing the customer to select economy of scale.  However, fiberglass is the least efficient in blocking paint overspray.  We recommend a thorough review of your process before long-term use of these filters.

Expanded paper filtration: Expanded paper filters are more efficient than fiberglass filters. They are made of layered paper.  You can also purchase high capacity expanded paper filters, which feature additional layers for longer life. 

Polyester-backed expanded paper filtration: Polyester-backed expanded paper filters are more efficient than simple expanded paper filters, as they combine the benefits of expanded paper with the additional layer and efficiency of polyester filtration

Accordion filtration: A long-lasting exhaust filter offering very low static pressure and improved air distribution within the booth. Reduces inventory storage concerns by requiring approximately 1/8 of the space of other filter types.  The Accordion is designed to capture airborne liquid particulates using the principle of inertial separation.  The Accordion also serves as an excellent pre-filter to any second stage media.  The Accordion paint arrestor can be fitted for use in any exhaust with channel or cell frame opening.

Polyester filtration: Polyester filters provide the highest efficiency rating available for paint booth arrestors.  However, polyester filters have the most expensive material type of paint booth arrestor.  That said, advancements have been made to improve the life of these filters.  Products such as the patented Paint Pockets filters use a design to capture the paint and last 5x longer filter life by maintaining the air flow.  Paint Pockets are available in original white (99.8% efficiency) or green (made up of 20% recycled polyester and 99.7% efficiency).  Additionally, polyester filters can be bought in pads (20" x 20" and 20" x 25") or blanket rolls (various widths by 50' or 60' lengths). 

Intake Filter Types

EA Series Framed Glass Disposable Intake Filters: This fiberglass panel filter is designed for air filtration applications with light to medium dust-loading conditions. Use as a prefilter or intake filter where a lower efficiency filter is sufficient. Use in downdraft applications that require a lower initial static pressure or in cross-draft applications to provide the ultimate protection.

20" x 20" x 2" PAFIF Intake Filters PAFIF intake filters are self-supported tackified polyester filters designed for a velocity of up to 400 FPM. Unaffected by humidity, this intake filter has a low initial resistance which allows it to not shut down airflow upon installation.

300 Series Tacky Intake Filters: The 300 Series Tacky Intake filters carry Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 7 supporting industrial and commercial applications.  They have an 83% efficiency at the 5-10 micron range @ 100 fpm.  Use in cross-draft applications where the user requires a good basic filter and cost is a major consideration.

Custom Tacky (CT) Series Intake Filters: The industry favorite, the Custom Tacky, is a long life filter that is a proven performer at a great price.  The filters are available in pads and panels (with and without frames) and blankets.  They are 94% efficient @ -10 micron range @ 100 fpm.

5000 Series Premium Intake Filters: Use the 5000 Series Premium Intake filters in downdraft applications which require a lower initial static pressure. Use in cross-draft applications to provide the ultimate protection.  These self-sealing filters are tackified polyester with a reemay backing.  5000 Series Premium Intake filters are 97.3% efficient at the 5-10 micron range @ 100 fpm and 99.95% efficient at the > 10 micron range.  

Specialty filters are available upon request.  Please contact at the number below or in the chat for more information.

Our experts are standing by to help you select the right product for your application.  With more than 30 years of industry experience Total Finishing SUPPLIES has the right expertise.  Please call or text us at 503-545-3176 with any questions.  We're on standby to help!

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