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Liquid Spray Equipment

Total Finishing Supplies is your source for the best in liquid spray application equipment. We provide systems and tools for every type of application. We stock the best brands in the industry including: SATA, Anest Iwata, Wagner, C.A. Technologies, TriTech Industries, and more.

With over 30 years of industry experience, our team of professionals is her to help. If you have any questions please call or click the chat button below.

We are standing by to assist you if you have any questions! 

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  Plural Component Systems

CA Technologies plural component
Walther plural component
Wagner plural component
  • Twincontrol 5-60
  • Twincontrol 10-70
  • Twincontrol 28-40
  • Twincontrol 35-70
  • Twincontrol 35-70/150
  • Twincontrol 48-110
  • 2K SMART
  • 2K Comfort

   Paint Shakers & Dispensers

hero liquid paint shakers colorant dispensers

   Automatic Colorant Dispensers

   Paint Shakers & Mixers

   Manual Colorant Dispensers

Coming Soon . . .


  Pressure Tanks/Pots

  • Anest Iwata
  • C.A. Technologies

  Low Pressure Pump

  Diaphragm Pumps

  • Wagner

  High Pressure Pump

  Air Assisted

  • Anest Iwata
  • C.A. Technologies
  • Wagner


  Tritech Industries



  • Anest Iwata
  • C.A. Technologies
  • SATA

  Air Assisted

  • Anest Iwata
  • C.A. Technologies
  • SATA
  • Wagner


  • Wagner
  • TriTech






1 Quart Pressure Cup 1/2" High Pressure Hose 1/2" Low Pressure Fluid Hose 1/4" Air Hose 1/4" High Pressure Hose 1/4" Low Pressure Fluid Hose 1/8" High Pressure Hose 10 Gallon Pressure Tank 12.5 Gallon Pressure Tank 15 Gallon Pressure Tank 2 Quart Pressure Cup 2.5 Gallon Pressure Tank 20-30 Gallon 2K 2K Comfort 2K Mixing 2K Smart 3/16" High Pressure Hose 3/4" High Pressure Hose 3/4" Low Pressure Fluid Hose 3/8" High Pressure Hose 3/8" Low Pressure Fluid Hose 3K Mixing 40-10 Spray Pack 5 Gallon 5 Gallon Pressure Tank 55 Gallon 7016D 93875602 a Accessories adapter adhesive aerospace Agitation Air and Fluid Hose Set Air Assisted Air Assisted Airless Air Cap Packing Air Cap Set Air Hose Air Regulator Air Spray Gun Airless Gun airspray AMCPR Gun Anest Iwata Anest Iwata Gravity Gun Anest Iwata LPH-300 Gravity Anest Iwata Parts Anest Iwata PET10 2 Gallon Anest Iwata Pressure Gun Anest Iwata RG3L GRAVITY Anest Iwata Siphon Gun Anest Iwata Spare parts Applying Applying Powder ARO ARO Heaters Auto Bobcat AutoCAT AutoCAT 100 Series HVLP Gun AutoCAT 100C Gun AutoCAT 100H HVLP Gun AutoCAT 200 Series Conv Gun AutoCAT 300C Gun AutoCAT 300H HVLP Gun AutoCAT Ratchet Automatic Automatic Spray Gun automotive AZ1 HTE AZ1 HVLP Binks Parts Binks Tips Bobcat Gun C.A. Technologies C.A. Technologies AA Tips & Parts C.A. Technologies C14 C.A. Technologies C20 C.A. Technologies C21 C.A. Technologies Spare Parts C.A.T. SLP HVLP Cabinets cap caps CAT CATalyzer Bobcat Pump CAT CATalyzer Cougar Pump CAT-X CAT-XPR Catalyzer Cefla Cefla Kleenspray Cefla Mito Cefla Prima Coatings Cobra 40-10 Cobra 40-25 COG-101 COG-200 Compressed Air Filter contractor Control Conventional Cougar Gun Couplings & Adaptors CPR-G DD10 Pump DPS-120 DPS-90 FE-Line Fine Finish FE-Line LCFM Featured feeding Filter Filter Replacement Kit Filters & Filter Housing Fittings Flat Tip Flatline Accessories Fluid Hose Fluid Regulator GA 10-30 GA 1030 GA1030 General general industrial Giardina Dual Tech GM 5000 GM1-350 Go Systems Graco AA Tips Graco G15 & G40 Parts Graco Parts Graco Tips Gravity Cups Gravity Feed Gun Gun guns High Pressure Hose High Pressure Pump Hose Connections HP HVLP ICON Pump Jaguar 100C Jaguar 100CVT Jaguar 100H HVLP Jaguar 300C Jaguar 300H HVLP Jaguar Gravity Gun Jaguar Series Jaguar SLP kit Kitchen Cabinets Kremlin ATX & AVX Parts Kremlin Parts Kremlin Tips Kremlin Xcite Gun Parts Low Pressure Fluid Hose Low Pressure Pump LPH LPH 101 LV LPH 440 LPH-300 LV LPH-400-LV LPH-400-LVB LPH-400-LVX LPH-50 LPH-80 LPH300-LV Gravity LPH400-LV-GRAVITY LS LS-400 SuperNova LS400 LS400H lynx Lynx 100 HVLP Lynx 100C Lynx 200C Lynx 200H HVLP Lynx 300H HVLP Makor Makor K-One Makor Q-One Makor Start One M Makor Start One MMakor manifold Manual Spray Gun MiniCat Mixing Moulding mount MSGS200 MSGS200 MANUAL MULTI-SPRAY GUN Multi-Spray Gun needle nozzle o-ring packing paint heater Paint Preparation System Paintgun Panther 100G Panther 100Gx1590 Panther 100H HVLP Panther 200C Panther 200H Panther Series Parts PC18D PET10 Pilot Mini Pilot Mini Gravity Feed Pilot Mini Pressure Feed Pilot Premium Pilot Premium Gravity Feed Pilot Premium Pressure Feed Pilot Trend Pilot Trend Gravity Feed Pilot Trend Pressure Feed Pilot WA 700 plastic Plural Component plus Powder powder coating Powder Filter PowderBooth PowderCoatedTough PowderCoating PowderCoatingEquipment PowderHose Pressure Feed Gun Pressure Pot Pressure Pot Liner Profi PROTEC PT-HD Pump Regulator Reversible Tip RG3L seal seal kit sealing service set SGD-71 SGD-71 DISHEVELED Shoot Suit Special spray gun Spray Pack Superfici Superfici Compact Superfici Mini Swivel & Y-Blocks T2 T2 Glaze TFS TFS Aftermarket TFS-X-B-W-PPS TFS-XPR tip Tip Accessories tips TJR TJR Glaze TJR HVLP Spray Gun tomcat Tote Agitator Tria Pro45 Trim Turbine Spray Gun and Cup Twin Control VD VD Simple Dynamic Venjakob Venjakob Smartone Venjakob Sprayone W 2003 W 400 W 400-G-Gravity W100 W200 W200-ZP W2003 W300 W400 W71-P Pressure wagner Wagner 10-30 Wagner 10-70 Wagner 15-150 Wagner 15-70 Wagner 18-40 Wagner 21-110 Wagner 28-40 Wagner 35-150 Wagner 35-70 Wagner 40-15 Wagner 40-150 Wagner 5-60 Wagner AA Tips Wagner AA Tips` Wagner GM 1-350 Wagner GM1-530 Wagner GM4000 Wagner GM4700 Wagner liquid Wagner Parts Wagner Powder Wagner Powder Filter Wagner Powder Spare Wagner Powder System Wagner PROTEC WagnerPEMX1 WagnerPowder WagnerPrima WagnerSprintX Walther Pilot WA WIDER WIDER1 wood Wood Finishing Wrench WS WS400 ZIP 52 Finishing Zip182 Zip52 Zip52 Pump

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