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Wood Finishing

Your wood finishing business involves applying various coatings and treatments to wood surfaces to enhance their appearance, protect them from damage, and improve their durability. Whether you're a furniture, cabinetry, or flooring manufacturer, we can help.

Our experts understand what tools you need for the perfect application on wood.  Such tools include: 

  • Sanding equipment: Sanding is a crucial step in wood finishing. Various types of sanders, such as belt sanders, orbital sanders, and hand sanding blocks, are used to smooth the wood surface and prepare it for the coating application.
  • Spray guns: For large-scale finishing projects or applying lacquers and paints evenly, spray guns are commonly used. They can deliver a fine mist of the coating material for a smooth and consistent finish.
  • Brushes and rollers: Brushes and rollers are used for applying stains, varnishes, and oils. They come in different sizes and materials to suit various coatings and project requirements.
  • Rags and wipes: Rags and wipes are often used to apply certain types of wood finishes, such as oils and stains. They allow for more controlled and precise application.

Our experts are standing by to help you select the right product for your application.  With more than 30 years of industry experience Total Finishing SUPPLIES has the right expertise.  Please call or text us at 503-545-3176 with any questions.  We're on standby to help!

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wood finishing

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